Another Win for HDPE - Alternative Stormwater Management

Another Win for HDPE - Alternative Stormwater Management

Project Name: Konkle Creek Realignment

Client: Matrix Solutions

Location: Beamsville

Project Overview: Due to recent storm events providing more pressure to increase the size of the current tributary volume Matrix Solutions was tasked with engineering a remedy. We were approached by UrbanLink Civil.  They were looking for an alternative to 1050mm concrete pipe and a 2400mm concrete MH.

The Solution: Devron worked with Urbanlink directly to come up with an alternative that would be easier to install, lighter, longer lasting and more cost effective.  What we proposed was Solflo Max watertight HDPE pipe and a custom manufactured 1500mm maintenance hole structure.  Since the MH was comprised of HDPE it was easier to achieve the desired angles required with a more forgiving tolerance compared to concrete.  This allowed for a significantly smaller structure which was much cheaper and required less machinery and manpower to install.

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