Devron Sales LTD. X Ellis Engineering

Devron Sales LTD. X Ellis Engineering

In early September, our project with Ellis Engineering aimed to rehabilitate a failing pipe situated in a delicate area of the Niagara Region. We were tasked with identifying an optimal solution that met the project's specific requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency. The mission was to provide a large diameter, watertight reline pipe that would seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure.

The need to rehabilitate a failing pipe demanded a strategic approach that would not disrupt the sensitive environment of the Niagara Region. Additionally, the design team's specifications called for a large diameter reline pipe that was not only cost-effective but also watertight to prevent future issues. The project required a solution that combined innovation, reliability, and swift installation.

Recognizing the specific needs of the project, we immediately recommended the KRAH pipe from Soleno—a decision that would prove to be instrumental in the project's success. CRL Campbell Construction successfully installed 65 meters of the KRAH reline pipe in just one day. A terrific result for all parties involved! 

Key features of the KRAH pipe that made it the perfect fit for the job: 

Dual Gasket Inline Bell: The KRAH pipe's innovative dual gasket inline bell ensured a watertight seal, effectively mitigating future leaks and issues. This feature was in line with the project's emphasis on preventing water ingress.

Robust Closed Profile Design: The closed profile design of the KRAH pipe enhanced its structural integrity, making it a reliable choice for pipe rehabilitation. This design characteristic was crucial for a long-lasting solution.

Cost-Effectiveness:  KRAH pipe aligned with the project's need for a cost-effective solution that did not compromise on quality or performance.



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