Managing the Levels - Niagara Region Glenridge Naturalization Site

Managing the Levels - Niagara Region Glenridge Naturalization Site

Project Name: Niagara Region - Glenridge Naturalization Site Drainage Improvements

Client: Niagara Region

Location: St. Catharine's

Project Overview: Implement new water level control measures into the existing infrastructure. 

Challenge: ongoing issues with water retention and animal breach into the system called for new design implications to address flows and security of the system.

The Solution: Devron supplied the CSP Risers and the 12” HDPE Hickenbottoms as designed by WSP. O’Hara seamlessly installed the three structures into the existing local ponds and drainage system to secure and enhance the system to be more proficient.  This will allow for more stability and control of the surrounding water levels for future development. It will also address issue that may arise from unpredictable weather pattens that we have been facing as of late.

custom CSP riser
Perforated, Galvanized CSP riser with access hatch and 12" HDPE Hickenbottom insert
300mm HDPE Hickenbottom installed custom CSP riser
installed 600mm Corrugated HDPE pipe culvert 600mm Corrugated HDPE pipe



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