Space Optimization at NOTL with Cultec

Space Optimization at NOTL with Cultec

Our Village Centre project located in the heart of Niagara On The Lake was in collaboration with V. Gibbons Contracting for Quartek Group Inc. We sought out to find an alternative approach to traditional open water ponds to maximize space and meet the unique requirements of the site.

The conventional approach of an above-ground stormwater pond was impractical due to space limitations. As the project was located within a lot that was soon to be used for retail purposes. The challenge was to devise an alternative stormwater management solution that would reclaim valuable retail land space while effectively managing stormwater runoff and adhering to local regulations.

Understanding the constraints and requirements of the project, we introduced the Cultec Subsurface Stormwater Management System as the optimal solution. This option allowed us to regain valuable retail space for our client which is now home to medical facilities, theaters, and more. The parking lot which has been built over top of the three separate systems totalling 927 cubic meters of storage. 

Key features of the Cultec Subsurface Stormwater Management System:

Space Optimization: The Cultec system's subsurface design allowed for the installation of stormwater storage chambers beneath the parking lot. This innovation efficiently utilized available space, effectively transforming what would have been an above-ground pond into a functional parking lot.

Storage Capacity: By utilizing three separate Cultec systems, the project gained a total stormwater storage capacity of 927 cubic meters. This substantial storage capacity ensured effective stormwater management during heavy rainfall events.

Versatility: The Cultec system's adaptability made it an ideal fit for the multi-faceted complex, which included diverse facilities like a medical center, theater, and doctor's offices.

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