All Things KRAH Pipe

All Things KRAH Pipe

The need for reliable relining pipe solutions is key in order to ensure stormwater management systems are continually efficient. Our KRAH pipes are crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene. The composition of these pipes enables increased durability, flexibility, and suitability in comparison to conventional pipe materials such as concrete, steel, and ductile. Making them ideal for relining projects such as our work done for Niagara Parks! 

The material composition of Devron’s KRAH pipes is what sets them apart from other pipes traditionally used for relining. Their construction allows for effortless cutting with a simple saw, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. The smooth interior and exterior walls of these pipes provide excellent flow characteristics and minimize the risk of debris buildup or obstruction. Whether used for gravity flow systems in networks, water course piping, or sanitary sewers, our KRAH pipes deliver outstanding performance and reliability. When it comes to connecting pipes to structures like concrete cut-off walls during the relining process, two critical considerations must be addressed: the integrity of the connection and the management of any potential differential settlement between the pipe and the structure; we ensure that our KRAH pipe excels in both aspects. Our KRAH pipe's ability to react well to skewed ends plays a crucial role in establishing a secure connection between the pipe and the structure. KRAH pipes are also compatible with restrained joints, such as using thread rods with washers and nuts or through welding, further enhancing the reliability and strength of the connections.

Devron Sales LTD's KRAH pipes meet the manufacturing standards set by ASTM F894. The technical specifications of these pipes include a length of 5.7 meters (18.7 feet), a manning value of 0.009 n, a ring stiffness of RSC250, and exceptional structural strength compliant with standards such as CAN/CSA S6 (CL-625), AASHTO (H-25 and HS-25), and COOPER (E-80). This technical composition allows for our KRAH pipes to withstand the challenges of relining projects while maintaining optimal flow and structural integrity. KRAH piping can also be manufactured up to 5000mm whereas traditional HDPE piping is only available in sizes up to approximately 1500m, making our large size offerings a huge benefit of using KRAH piping. 

To cater to various relining scenarios, Devron’s KRAH pipes are available with a range of coupler options making them extremely versatile. These include soil tight couplers, watertight couplers (15 psi), electrofusion joints (30 psi, available on request), and flange joints (150 psi, available on request). A variety of different couplers allows for seamless integration with existing infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and efficient relining process.

Embrace the innovation and reliability of KRAH pipes to transform your infrastructure projects with Devron’s help!

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