Protecting Our Ecosystems with Silt Curtains

Protecting Our Ecosystems with Silt Curtains

Sediment control plays a vital role in putting a stop to the adverse environmental impacts associated with construction work. Uncontrolled sediment runoff from construction sites can have severe ecological consequences. Devron Sales LTD. wants to help contribute to the preservation of ecosystems across Ontario by providing top of the line sediment and silt control products. Take a peek at just a few of the effects sediment can have on bodies of water upon accidental entry:

Disrupt Aquatic Ecosystems: Sediment runoff carries fine particles, organic matter, and pollutants that can smother aquatic habitats, disrupting the balance of underwater ecosystems.

Harm Water Quality: Sediment-laden water reduces water clarity, limiting sunlight penetration and inhibiting plant growth, having a domino effect on the health and survival of aquatic organisms.

Damage Waterways: Excessive sediment buildup can lead to siltation, reducing water depth and altering the physical structure of streams, rivers, and lakes.

Impact Fish and Wildlife: Sediment runoff can suffocate fish eggs, disrupt fish spawning grounds, and impair the feeding and breeding habits of various wildlife species.

In order to minimize these very environmental impacts, Devron Sales LTD. offers a range of sediment control products such as our Turbidity (Silt) Curtain. These curtains are designed to contain and deflect sediment within a designated area, ensuring that silt and sediment stay confined to the job site and do not escape into surrounding water bodies. To ensure nothing will sift through the curtain, we have used a high strength woven geo-textile that can be fabricated to any size to fit specific application needs. Our silt curtains are manufactured in-house with completely customizable sizing, a huge advantage when it comes to unique site needs! Our Silt curtains also have a sewn sleeve along the top for a flotation device and load line, while another pocket sewn along the bottom edge of the curtain is meant to contain the ballast.

By utilizing our sediment control products, construction companies can contribute to the movement towards a more eco-centric future. Protecting aquatic ecosystems, preserving water quality, and promoting environmental sustainability can support an environmental leap that Devron hopes to kickstart within the construction industry of the Niagara region. Let's work together to prioritize sediment control, contact us today to get started or browse our product offerings online!

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