Flexamat® Case Study

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Project Overview

Rolls of Flexamat ® were selected to repair the erosion problem. They were installed with the use of a large and small excavator to unroll the product. Due to its large and easy to use roll sizes, installation was able to be completed within 1 day.  This system of concrete and geogrid came together to offer a stabilized hillside while promoting growth of new native vegetation with the layer of coir matting underneath.


A Beamsville School was having problems with erosion control on a slope in the school yard.  The erosion had eaten away at the hillside and left an undesirable result for the school and those attending. Flexamat ® was chosen as the solution for this project.


Flexamat ®, a hard armour erosion control system was used as the perfect product for the job. With installation support from representatives at Flexamat ®, the whole process was completed easily without disturbing the surrounding environments.  In summary, Flexamat ® was able to achieve the desired result of a restored hillside in a cost and time effective manner.

Project details
Flexamat Case Study
St- Marks School
Beamsville, ON
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