Hanging Basket Case Study

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Project overview

Over the last few years, Devron has noticed an increasing need for a better, more cost effective and time saving Hanging Basket solution. This proved to also be the case with the a Niagara Region municipality in Southern Ontario.

With a brand new major facility and a desire to add greenery, this proved to be the perfect pilot project for our brand new “London Planters”. As a result, Devron Sales, a Niagara Region Municipality and Niagara College partnered together to supply, install and maintain this innovative, cost saving solution.

The challenge

Finding a green solution that is not only a visual benefit to the Town residents but also offers cost and time savings to the Town itself.

The solution

Devron is working in conjunction with Niagara College and a southern Ontario municipality to choose the innovative “London Planters” Hanging Basket System. These are two self-watering half shell units filled with plant material. They offer a full, cascading look as the plants grow and cover the basket. This system only needs to be watered approx. once ever two weeks, saving substantially on water and labour vs. daily watering on other systems.

Since installation, we have received a lot of positive feedback from the community and also the municipal staff working with the product. We are continuing to monitor the results of this install and posting our findings below. A full report will be available when the project is completed.


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Hanging Basket Case Study
Municipality in Niagara Region
Meridian Community Center
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