Reline Pipe Case Study

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The reline was a great success due to the teamwork between of Devron Pipe Sales, John Becchetti and the Regional road crew, along with CRL Campbell Construction Limited.  The reline of both culverts, grouting and reinstatement was completed in less than two days, with no traffic disruptions.  The flow capacity was increased from the original culverts, and there was no need to excavate the road, and the project came in on time and on budget!!


The Regional road crew had two existing culverts under the busy intersection at Hwy. 20 and Grimsby Road 5 in Smithville, Ontario.  The first culvert was a 27m long, 900mm Diameter CSP that required a 22 degree bend to align with the existing ditch under Hwy 20.  Digging this culvert up would have shortened the life of the recently paved roadway and would have required guide rail removal as part of the work.  The second culvert was a 22m long, 600mm diameter CSP under Grimsby Road 5.  Traditional replacement methods of the CSP culverts would have resulted in traffic disruption for several days.

Culvert #1                                             Culvert #1

Existing CSP                                          New Weholite Pipe

155,380 USGM/S                                  180,626 USGM/S

(inside dia 900mm)                              (inside dia 686mm)

Culvert #2                                              Culvert #2

Exisiting CSP                                          New Weholite Pipe

52,694 USGM/S                                     61,255 USGM/S


Reline the existing CSP culverts with a 686mm diameter and a 457mm diameter Weholite pipe respectively.

Project details
Reline Pipe – Case Study
Niagara Region
Smithville, Ontario
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