ShoreSox Niagara River Case Study

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A site at the mouth of Lake Ontario was severely eroded and was in need of repair. In the past, concrete headwalls had been used for similar applications. The Town required a solution that was quick to install, would vegetate over time and would continue to halt any further erosion.


ShoreSox was selected as the ideal solution to re-establish the site’s shoreline while meeting the Towns requirements. The installation took a day to complete and was done with very minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment. The 3 layers of the ShoreSox system were seeded to promote vegetation growth and develop a strong root system. This will continue to protect the shoreline going forward.


The successful installation of the ShoreSox System was completed in one day. This instantly gave back land and a beachfront to the residents of the surronding area while offering a permanent erosion control solution that will continue to vegetate over time. Additionally, it offers phosphate and nitrate filtration properties. The Town of Niagara On The Lake was pleased with this innovative solution to reclaiming lost land and preventing further erosion.


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ShoreSox Niagara River Case Study
Niagara On The Lake
Niagara River & Lake Ontario, Ontario
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