Discovering New Forms of Art with LivePicture


Art can take on many different shapes and sizes in a variety of media. From watercolor paintings and bronze sculptures to still-life photographs and wood carvings, art can become the focal point of any interior living space. But, what if art could become part of a home’s architecture in unexpected ways? The answer is yes, it can, and it comes in the form of LivePicture.

Perhaps it’s the allure of the location from which it originated, the health effects it offers or the instant greenery — representing that touch of nature in your home. Whether it’s a compact LivePicture GO or the impactful 4×6 pack, the LivePicture’s can truly make a beautiful and unique piece of art.

Choose plants to match your taste, colour scheme, mood or preference. Use your imagination – indoors or outdoors – in a single panel or in multiple modules. Be creative and make your own wall mosaic.

Whether LivePicture is used to draw attention to a fireplace design, or is carefully selected as a standout herb garden in a kitchen, the ways in which it can be used are endless. Some homeowners even enjoy mounting them on exterior walls as a summer backyard focal point.

Live Picture uses a system of plant cassettes that are easily exchangeable. Plants can be exchanged with ease to reflect  the changing season, holidays or special occasions.

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