Grass/Gravel Pavers

Porous paving allows rainwater to percolate through the surface and back into the ground (infiltrating) where the water is cleaned and returned to ground water supplies.

Impermeable surfaces such as concrete and asphalt do not allow for this natural filtration therefore polluted rainwater runoff and surface pollutants such as sediment, brake dust, chemicals, oil, salts, fertilizers, bacteria and animal waste enters our streams, reservoirs and lakes.

Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 systems can easily handle storm water from an intense storm dropping three inches of rain in less than 30 minutes.

Grass Paver

Made from flexible HDPE plastic with UV inhibitors, Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 can withstand repeated freeze thaw cycles and continuous subzero temperatures without cracking. HDPE also resists aggressive chemicals such as road salts, motor oils and fuels. Even empty, Grasspave2 and Gravelpave2 will support 2,100psi (14,470).

These systems are perfect for parking applications such as churches, sporting events, car shows and overflow for campgrounds and parks. Golf cart paths, access for utility vehicles and bike paths are ideal for grasspave2 and gravelpave2.