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Compost Filter Sock

Compost Filter Sock

Our compost filter socks are made from the highest quality fabrics that filter out sediment and other non-source pollutants. This high quality fabric consists of heavy duty, durable polyester using a unique weave pattern. This netting has been tested in the field and has a minimum life of 36months. This is to give you peace of mind that your sediment control system is hard at work and will last.

-Comes in a variety of different sizes ranging from 8” to 24” diameter with lengths from 10ft up to 180ft.

-Heavy duty pallet sock that is designed to take the abuse of being installed by crews

-Hi-Vis X Green that is not only highly visible, but also made of very heavy duty multi filament weave that can handle being dragged and driven over at the job site.

-Installer sock that has been designed to be used with blower trucks. The advantage of using this installation method is the sock in placed using our certified composted filler media as the sock is installed. This is best suited for very long runs of sock and for socks that are 24” to 32” in diameter. 

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