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Top X Trench Drain

Top X Trench Drain

The Trench Drain is ideal for residential applications such as for private driveways, courtyards, patios and gardens. 

Linear trench drain made of recycled polypropylene (PP) with self-locking grates, compliant with the EN 1433 standard.

  • Allows perpendicular collection across the full width of a drainage surface for light loads or residential application, pedestrian areas and bicycle paths.
  • Available with an interior width of 90 mm (3,54 in).
  • Equipped with galvanized steel slotted grate or black polypropylene (PP) mesh grating.
  • Round channel for a better hydraulic performance.
  • Drainage channels in private areas must; continually withstand daily loads, be easy to transport and simple to install, be resistant to environmental effects (frost, heat and moisture) and be visually pleasing.

Top X is an efficient stormwater drainage system meant to divert and steer storm water. 

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