ShoreSox Richmond Hill Case Study

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Savanta Environmental Consulting contacted Devron looking for an environmentally friendly solution to complete their Stream Restoration project at a Walmer Road site in Richmond Hill. This site had suffered erosion over time and they required a product that would result in a vegetated look, while still providing effective erosion control. The ShoreSox Erosion Control System was the ideal product for this project and met all of the above requirements while proving to be easy and quick to install.


The site was located in an area that had limited access and the use of heavy equipment was prohibited. With the versatility of the ShoreSox System, we were able to carry the product and all of the necessary tools, including bags of soil, directly to the site. This helped greatly in the task of installation as limited disturbance to the surrounding environment occurred.


During the project, the installation of ShoreSox was completed at two separate locations of the site. Each layer was layed out, filled with soil and seeded with a Wetland Seed Mix in order to develop a strong root system within the ShoreSox System. One layer of ShoreSox was needed at each location and the installation took roughly 6 hours to complete. This instantly helped restore the wetland while offering several additional advantages to the area, such as land reclamation, erosion control, phosphate/nitrate filtration and a vegetated look.

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Savanta - Wetland Restoration, Richmond Hill
Savanta Environmental Consulting
Richmond Hill, ON
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