7 tips to get your yard ready for spring

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Sometimes all we need is a bit of sun and some warmth to get us into the spring spirit. However, as you make your way outside – you will notice that this also bring budding new growth to your garden, and that winter has also left its mark in the shape of broken branches and bare patches.

This isn’t a problem! With our short 7 tip guide, you will spring you into action and be ready for the growing season ahead. This will will help you save tons of time, money and energy later on by getting ever

1. Start your spring lawn prep by using a rake

Get rid of any leaves and other debris that have built up over winter. Once they have been cleared, give your lawn a boost by spreading a thin layer of compost.

2. Seed lawn patches that are bare

Your initial step will be to loosen the surface to a depth of 2-4inches. Following that, use the back of a garden rake to level the soil. Spread a mixture of grass seed and compost or fertilizer over the bare spot. Tamp with the flat end of the rake in

order to work in the seed. Water afterwards, as needed.

3. Check your equipment and hand tools 

To see if anything needs repairing, cleaning or replacing. Also take this time to make sure your irrigation system is working properly for the upcoming growing season.

4. Aerate your lawn

This will allow oxygen, water and nutrients to easily reach grass roots. This perforates the soil with small holes and allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the roots.

5. Prune any broken, diseased or dead limbs

From dead trees, branches and other woody plants. Prune back spring-blooming shrubs such as forsythia after flowering. This is also a great time to thin out and trim up your summer blooming shrubs and most roses.

6. Clear out weeds and last season’s garden debris

From beds and borders, remove or cut down last year’s foliage and toss it in the compost pile.

7. Attract birds to your garden

A single chickadee can consume up to 1,000 bad bugs a day. Include a birdbath or bird friendly plants, like sunflower, cotoneaster, viburnum, honeysuckle,  and aster. Another option would be our beautiful pre-grown Green Living Fences. They are a great way to add beauty and security to your backyard instantly.

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