The Carmelites, a Roman Catholic Religious Order, came to the Falls in 1875. The first residence for the Carmelites was a simple farm house on the side of the escarpment across from the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace, overlooking Niagara Falls. This building was demolished around 1935 to make way for Portage Road. Construction on the present Monastery building began in 1894. The original purpose was to serve as a hospice and retreat centre.

Looking to add a touch of greenery to their historic grounds, the director of Mount Carmel in partnership with Lincoln Landscape reached out to Devron to find the perfect solution.

Seeing how their was a need for fencing on the Stanley avenue side of the building, it was a no-brainer to choose our Green Living Fences as the perfect product for the job. Even during the installation, multiple residents made the point to add their feedback, indicating how the fences were adding an extra touch of beauty to the site.

Please take a look below to see some of our photos of the installation. Stay tuned for pictures of the final result! Hop on to our social media and let us know what you think!

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CityLine has redesigned a front porch for a lucky viewer who won the “Patio Primp” contest. The premise of the design is that even in the city, where every square inch of floor space is precious, there are ways to make a huge impact. The winner entry was sent in by the homeowner’s grandmother who wanted surprise her newlywed granddaughter with the makeover.

CityLine designer Shai Deluca approached Devron in order to find a solution that was small in footprint but also offered a “wow” factor to the homeowners front yard. There is a privacy wall between the two semis where CityLine wanted to feature an ingenious way to make the most of your vertical and often unused space. As the project was in a smaller area, the innovative self-watering Live Picture GO came to mind as the ideal solution.

During the day of installation, Devron provided and installed two of our brand new LivePicture GO – White on the winning viewers front porch. These are two self watering units that immediately beautified the look of the front porch all while providing a green accent that will only need to be watered about once a month!

Take a look below for the result of the installation and keep your tv’s tuned to CityLine on July 11th for the full episode!
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Just like we as people slowdown in winter, so do our houseplants. As explained by Nan Fischer from Natures Path, when plants are thriving in summer, they are subjected to low light levels, short days, dry heated air, and a chilly house in winter. As their growth habits change, so must our indoor gardening tasks.

1. LESS H2O.

Interior plants need less water in winter. A major cause of killing any kind of plant is over-watering. Air spaces in the soil get choked with water. Plant roots need air as much as they need water and nutrients.


Plants are dormant in the winter and do not need an artificial boost of growing power.



To accommodate low light levels, keep leafy plants clean. Dust cuts down on the light necessary for photosynthesis, which feeds the plant. Here’s how you can keep plants clean:

  • Use a rag and clean warm water. This is a good way to remove pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, and spider mites, too. Finish up the makeover by removing brown and dead leaves to prevent disease.

To combat dry indoor air, put rocks or pebbles in saucers, and fill with water. Be sure the bottom of the pot is not touching or standing in the water. Group plants together for more humidity, or run a humidifier or vaporizer.


In February, the lengthening days will produce new growth on your houseplants. Your indoor garden will need more water and some organic fertilizer. Continue to check for water, and fertilize at half-strength. As the days continue to get longer and warmer, water and fertilizer will need to be increased.

You can be successful with houseplants from the start when you buy the right plant for the right space. Don’t try to grow a sun-loving plant in a dark room, and don’t put shade lovers in direct sun.

With our indoor plant product, LivePicture, we offer our clients a list of plant recipes that we know work and thrive within the system. Take a look below for an idea of the variety of plants you can grow successfully within your home! Click here to find out more.



Discovering New Forms of Art with LivePicture


Art can take on many different shapes and sizes in a variety of media. From watercolor paintings and bronze sculptures to still-life photographs and wood carvings, art can become the focal point of any interior living space. But, what if art could become part of a home’s architecture in unexpected ways? The answer is yes, it can, and it comes in the form of LivePicture.

Perhaps it’s the allure of the location from which it originated, the health effects it offers or the instant greenery — representing that touch of nature in your home. Whether it’s a compact LivePicture GO or the impactful 4×6 pack, the LivePicture’s can truly make a beautiful and unique piece of art.

Choose plants to match your taste, colour scheme, mood or preference. Use your imagination – indoors or outdoors – in a single panel or in multiple modules. Be creative and make your own wall mosaic.

Whether LivePicture is used to draw attention to a fireplace design, or is carefully selected as a standout herb garden in a kitchen, the ways in which it can be used are endless. Some homeowners even enjoy mounting them on exterior walls as a summer backyard focal point.

Live Picture uses a system of plant cassettes that are easily exchangeable. Plants can be exchanged with ease to reflect  the changing season, holidays or special occasions.

Click the links below to learn more about our LivePictures, to see installation videos or to let us know what you think!

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