Herbs can easily be grown indoors as long as you make sure to get started off the right way. Virginia Dodd of  How To- Culinary Herb Garden explains the keys to successfully creating an indoor kitchen herb garden. One of the biggest factors is understanding the plants’ requirements and making sure to give them what they need. It’s really that simple.

Follow these 3 important tips to create your Kitchen Herb Garden Indoors and you will enjoy a healthy supply of fresh herbs for years to come.

1. Provide Strong Light for Your Indoor Herb Garden

The more light you can provide for your indoor herb garden, the better off they will be. Did you know the intensity of the light contributes to the flavour of your herbs?

Herbs grown in strong bright light will most definitely have the best flavour. It will also encourage plant growth. Herbs prefer 6-8 hours of direct light.  This can be achieved with a sunny window or with the incorporation of lighting. You can also choose to grow herbs that will better with a little less light. Parsley. Mint and Chives would be some recommendations.

2. The temperature should be between 60-70 Degrees.

Temperature is another important factor to successfully growing herbs indoors. The ideal temperature for most herbs is between 65-70degrees, which works very well in most home environments.

Occasionally when you want to slow the growth for your herb plants, the temperature can be reduced further to between 60-65 degrees. Some plants require a dormant period. If you are overwintering plants indoors, you can store them in a cooler location. The most particular herb when it comes to temperature is basil. Basil loves the warmth and would prefer to be at a constant 75 degrees if possible. If basil gets too cold, you will know right away. The leaves will start to wilt and discolour within 24 hours.

3. Select the Best Herb Pots for Your Indoor Herbs.

Selecting the correct pots or containers when growing herbs indoors is a very important factor in determining your success.

Ensuring your Herb Pots have a system where herbs can keep their soil evenly moist. Our LivePicture products utilize a wicking system to help offer an even watering for each pocket of the system.

Ease of Use:
Access, location and frequency. One of the most important considerations when selecting an indoor herb garden is how easy the system is to use. Our LivePicture products include a self-watering system to aid in the task and frequency of watering. Most of our products are only required to be watered once a month and comes with a built-in indicator so there is no guessing when to fill it. The cassettes are also modular and easy to remove or exchange if needed.

Have fun with the design. Use this opportunity to spice up your kitchen or living room with some colourful accents. Don’t limit yourself to traditional pots. Our award-winning LivePicture GO is a favourite for adding a great feature piece to any room and at the same time house and water your herb garden.

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