Spring is a time of change for our gardens and being prepared helps keep us ahead of the game. Take a look at these 10 tips from HGTV to get your garden and tools all ready for summer!

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  1. Revive Garden Decor
    In cold winter zones, kick off the garden season by taking decorative items out of winter storage and replacing them in planting beds. Gazing balls, colorful glass stakes, wind chimes, whirligigs and other décor can add color to the garden before plants are doing much more than sprouting. In warm zones, clean up garden décor to remove last year’s dirt.
  2. Plant Summer Bulbs
    Get warm-weather bulbs, like dahlias, off to a solid start by planting them in pots before the ground is warm enough for planting. In the coldest areas, you might want to start bulbs indoors. In many regions, you can give bulbs a head start on the season by sprouting them in black nursery pots set on a sunny patio or driveway—somewhere that solid surfaces can retain heat and help warm soil.
  3. Add Compost to Beds
    Some perennial crops, like roses, clematis, bramble berries and delphinium benefit from an early spring topdressing of compost. Apply a 2- to 3-inch-thick layer around the base of plants. Take care not to bury any new sprouts. If possible, apply compost before rain, which will help settle it into place.
  4. Clean Up Beds
    Remove any leaves that accumulated in planting beds over winter. Take care when clearing beds after perennial shoots are pushing through soil. New shoots are tender and easily broken. It’s usually better to work with your hands than to use a rake—of any type.
  5. Prune Ornamental Grasses
    Tackle pruning dormant ornamental grasses before new shoots appear. Hand pruners work well on small grass clumps. For larger ones, use bungee cords to wrap the clump, then cut through it easily with electric hedge clippers. Cut micanthus clumps to a cone shape, so that the center remains higher than the edges. This helps keep the center of the clump from dying out.
  6. Fill Birdbaths
    Fill birdbaths once temperatures are reliably above freezing. If chances of freezing temps still threaten, slip a basic birdbath heater into water to keep it thawed and available for birds.
  7. Prune Fruit Trees
    Tackle dormant pruning of fruit trees before buds break. Research your particular fruit trees to make sure you know what steps to take. For tree forms, you’ll prune to have an open canopy with good air flow. Beyond that, certain trees require specific pruning steps. Study a bit so you can prune with confidence.
  8. Inspect Paths
    Check stepper and flagstone paths for frost heave. Uneven stones are a tripping hazard. If soil is too wet, don’t try to reseat stones. Wait until soil dries a bit to lift stones and settle them back into place.
  9. Clip Perennials
    Remove last season’s remaining dead growth on perennials. While it’s tempting to pull dead stems away from the crown, that’s also an easy way to yank the entire plant out of the soil, especially moist spring soil. Use pruners instead to clip stems.
  10. Repair Structures
    While planting beds are too wet or too cold to work in, take time to look over trellises, arbors, pergolas and other supports. Check hardware at joints and tighten or replace as needed. Early spring—before plants have grown tall—is a great time to paint or stain structures.

Get your garden ready for spring with some of our live products!


Grow Vertically in Small Spaces

Creating a small balcony garden — which also works for space-challenged patios and decks — helps find the perfect balance between beauty, privacy and practicality. With multiple planting levels, there’s room for both edibles and ornamentals. A great solution for a space-saving balcony garden would be our LivePicture series of products, allowing multiple plants to share the same space and receive consistent water through its self-watering reservoir.


Consider a tree’s final height and width when planting

Before you buy a tree, look at the shade pattern it’ll have when it’s grown. You’re going to start with a small sized tree, and it’s going to look good when you plant it near the house, but once it grows up, it’s going to be a problem with the roof and gutters. An alternative option to achieve privacy with a smaller footprint would be our innovative Green Living Fences. These pre-grown panels offer instant privacy, and immediate green focal point and is very low maintenance.

Your soil may need amending

Soil pH (acidity level) is very important, and just because your dirt looks rich and black doesn’t mean it’s the right pH for grass. Take samples around the yard and send them to your local extension service for testing. You can fix soil pH problems by adding lime to raise the pH or iron to lower it. Most grasses prefer a pH of 6.0 to 7.2

Create a Backyard Escape

Let lighting and landscaping turn a backyard into a relaxing getaway — day or night. Add natural touches to your outdoor structure with a variety of potted plants to make a statement. A beautiful focal point to immediately forget your in the city is our modular Green Living Fence panels. See below how they brighten and beautify this backyard oasis.

Grow Herbs in Containers

Maximize gardening space and bring herbs closer to the kitchen by growing herbs in pots on a deck or patio. Combine edibles with ornamental flowers to augment hardworking plants with color and beauty. The LivePicture system is ideal for such applications as a result of the ease of use of the system. Offered in multiple different sizes, it is easy to find the perfect fit for any backyard or patio.

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Showing off our Live Pictures!

Our friends at Aquatopia have recently installed a few of our LivePicture units in their beautiful Carp, ON location. See below how the LivePicture fits seamlessly into different applications and instantly adds a wow factor to the area.

These self watering units come in various sizes and colours. As you see, can be chosen based on location where they will be installed to best fit the scene.







Almost a year ago, the LivePicture GO product was presented with the prestigious Red Dot Award.

LivePicture GO

The Red Dot Design Award is a renowned international design competition, which singles out products and projects with outstanding design and presents their designers with an award every year. The beginnings of the award go back to 1955 when the “Permanent exhibition of well-designed manufactured industrial goods” first took place in the Krupp company’s Villa Hügel in Essen (Germany). The Red Dot Award, in the form that we today know it, was initiated by design expert Professor Dr. Peter Zec. Under his guidance, the “Red Dot” label has become a brand in its own right that is recognized around the world.

Here are a few of the points that earned the LivePicture GO the Red Dot Innovative Design award.

The LivePicture GO bridges the gap between plant and art. Unusual and beautiful, it hangs on the wall as easily as a painting. LivePicture GO stands out with its minimalist design, so the plants get all the attention they deserve. Due to the innovative and patented capillary wick inside the plant cassette the plants can maintain themselves in perfect condition. There is no additional energy source needed for operation. Only once in every 4 weeks the tank needs to be refilled with water.

Technical details are almost completely integrated in the design, for the perfect finish. The product also features two detection systems. One indicates when the tank is about to be empty and the other indicates when the tank is almost full when filling it. The exchangeable plant cassette makes it possible to change the look of the product during the year, without getting your hands dirty. Based on the Circular economy idea all components are made of high quality plastics and possible to disassemble and recycle completely after disposal. LivePicture GO can be supplied in various colors.

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A Great Showing at OBIA 2019

Hanging Basket

The 2019 OBIA Conference is THE annual show and conference for Canada’s Business Improvement professionals. We were very pleased with the results and feedback we received from the show goers as we presented our brand new Hanging Basket System “London Planters“.  We look forward to seeing more of our planters on main streets, in city centers and as a beautification option for municipalities.

The great advantage with our system is a self watering system that halts daily watering. Saving both on time and labour.

We are also taking the opportunity this year to show off our other innovative products, the award winning Live Picture GO and Live Pictures. For more information on the products, see the video and links below! Make sure to give us a call if you have any questions or need more information!

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London Planter Hanging Baskets


Live Picture GO Installation

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