A Great Showing at OBIA 2019

Hanging Basket

The 2019 OBIA Conference is THE annual show and conference for Canada’s Business Improvement professionals. We were very pleased with the results and feedback we received from the show goers as we presented our brand new Hanging Basket System “London Planters“.  We look forward to seeing more of our planters on main streets, in city centers and as a beautification option for municipalities.

The great advantage with our system is a self watering system that halts daily watering. Saving both on time and labour.

We are also taking the opportunity this year to show off our other innovative products, the award winning Live Picture GO and Live Pictures. For more information on the products, see the video and links below! Make sure to give us a call if you have any questions or need more information!

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London Planter Hanging Baskets


Live Picture GO Installation

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