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Optimized Municipal Castings

Optimized Municipal Castings

Optimized castings provide superior performance with reduced weight, saving energy and raw materials. These castings exceed the current OPSS 1850 load requirement and adhere to AASHTO M306 specifications that improve material quality and loading requirements.

Optimized Casting Benefits
·Quality material
·Reduced weight for ergonomic benefits
·Interchangeability with current spec
·Increased flow capacity
·Meets AASHTO M306 load strength
·Made in the USA
·Stackable (except 400.02)

AASHTO M306 Specification
·Gray Iron ASTM A48 Class 35B
·All H-20 heavy duty traffic rated construction
castings must pass a first article proof load test
·Markings for traceability
·Testing required: 9" x 9" contact area in the
center of the cover or grate; must hold a
minimum of 178 kN for one minute

CB 400.02 Optimized Casting

MH 401.01A Optimized Casting

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